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i'll add another intro

Hey, I'm Evin, I'm currently a high school senior at a small boarding school that's on a cow farm in southern Vermont. Luckily, though, for it's small student population, we have quite an impressive high school orchestra. I've been playing the oboe for about 7 years now. I also play the bassoon, although I don't currently have access to one, so I'm mostly concentrating on the oboe at this point. I also started playing the piano at age 4, and have kept up with that for quite a while. Music is something that I have been involved with all of my life, but I don't plan to apply to music schools or major in music in college, it is more just of a hobby thing for me. I'm a little too involved in extreme sports and other things to be able to consider myself a "serious" musician, unlike oboejive I can't see my ADD self being able to sit down at a table making reeds for more than 10 minutes without getting distracted. But I really hope to continue playing for as long as possible, because playing music, whether in an orchestra, or in a chamber group, or a concerto, is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding things I know. But I suppose I'm preaching to the choir (no pun intended. but it sounds like you all are more instrumentalists than singers, so perhaps i won't go down into pun hell).

And onto the trans part - I identify as FTM, tranny boy, transguy, any other words along those lines. I've been on Testosterone for about 7 months now, and I had top surgery 6 1/2 months ago. I was able to persuade my parents into helping me transition, otherwise I wouldn't be this far, because I am under 18. But I turn 18 in March, so not so long until I'm legal! It was kind of funny, I remember one of the discussions/fights I had with my parents and trying to convince them to let me be a guy was saying, "It's not like I'm going to quit the oboe or anything, I'm still a dedicated musician and a hard working student..." I feel like being a musician gives me a "good kid" vibe, and it makes it harder for adults to look at me like I'm just some "punk" or rebel. Because, honestly, what grandmother wouldn't be proud that their grandchild is a dedicated musician? Through all the identity changes over the past 4 or 5 years, it seems like playing the oboe has been the one constant thing in my life...the one thing that people can look at and realize in a way, "oh yeah, this is still the same kid we knew because he/she plays the oboe."
Although, one of the harder people to come out to has been my private teacher. With most people in my life, there was always some reason or some way to explain my situation. Coming out to my oboe teacher was awkward and just like irrevelent to playing the oboe. But it was weird having him call me my old name, especially when I started passing 100% of the time as male.

Okay, I think that's all I have for now. You're more than welcome to look at my website, (and I also have my very own oboe-specific page!
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