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Hey, people.

Introduction: I'm Leander-- ftm, genderqueer, French horn player currently attending the San Francisco Conservatory. I am set for a court date to change my name on valentine's day and I'll be having chest surgery with Dr.Brownstein mid-March. I am very stoked.

I'm not taking testosterone, right now, but I imagine I probably will, at some point, maybe in time for me to pass somewhat better when I go off to grad school.

It wasn't my intention for this to be a site where we could only discuss gender things. If you got somethin' to say about rep you're playing, how large Bach's thumbs were, the nationalities of Augmented Six chords, the history of the kazoo... by all means POST IT! Entertain! Inquire! Challenge!

OK. So yeah. I guess that's it.
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it'll be nice to get my mind off of gender theory, starting t, etc...i feel very isolated in my community and haven't found an outlet for my music. thanks for starting this group!

Your welcome! And welcome! What do you play? Or sing or compose? Or, I guess what will you, when you find that outlet for your music?
i am a former trumpet performance major and have been singing since i switched majors (about seven years ago). i just had my first shot of T yesterday and am very concerned about my voice. will post those concerns here as well!
Seems an interesting group. I'm Ftm and play the violin. :)

Welcome Carl!

This is going to sound stupid, but I keep thinking of the people who join this group in terms of chamber groups. So, we have almost a wind quintet and now almost a string quartet. No cellist, I don't think, though. Maybe I can get my sweetheart to join-- she's a cellist. ...But first, she'd have to get an lj... Anyway, glad to have you!
Glad to be here. :)