Aarin (freak_thankyou) wrote in trans_classical,

Save Georgia music programs!

I realize that this topic doesn't relate to gender, but it is a very important issue concerning Georgia music programs.

A bill has just passed through the Georgia state senate concerning curriculum in the elementary and middle schools that will drastically cut into, if not kill the band programs at those levels. At the core of the bill is mandating 30 minutes of Physical Education for every elementary student every day of the school year. This will wipe out the band, string and choral programs at the elementary level. The bill also includes 45 minutes of Physical Education every day for middle school students. This will reduce band to a twice a week class. The music programs will suffer severely because of this. Please go to www.petitiononline.com/gamusic and sign the petition, even if you don't live in Georgia. If you do live in Georgia, please write to or call your representatives. Even if you can't vote, you still have a voice. Please spread the word. Thank you.
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