L.S. (kerbin_jobin) wrote in trans_classical,

Hey classy dudes and folks!

It's grad school application/audition time and I've narrowed it to 3 schools: McGill, Northwestern, and Boston U.

Anyone have any experiences with these schools? Are there lots/some trans people? Are they used to trans students? Just curious-- I figure they probably are. Any other comments on these schools appreciated, too. Hope everyone is doing well and making awesome music!


Oh, and PS, here's a picture of my horn section at school (minus one guy) for your viewing pleasure
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i think you should go to Northwestern. Because Devan and Lee are also moving to Chicago in a year. and then I could see all of you in one trip and i'd be amazing. 'cause really your decision about grad school should be all about MY convenience.

p.s. you look very GQ in the photo.
Your wish is my command. Well, sort of, anyway. I think that I am only going to go to grad school if I get in to Northwestern. I know that sounds crazy, but I feel like any other school might be a waste of my time, a little bit.

So it's either that or come back to Portland and hang! yay!

ps thank you.