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Hey classy dudes and folks!

It's grad school application/audition time and I've narrowed it to 3 schools: McGill, Northwestern, and Boston U.

Anyone have any experiences with these schools? Are there lots/some trans people? Are they used to trans students? Just curious-- I figure they probably are. Any other comments on these schools appreciated, too. Hope everyone is doing well and making awesome music!


Oh, and PS, here's a picture of my horn section at school (minus one guy) for your viewing pleasure Read more...Collapse )

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So this girl I've been seeing here in SF got accepted and is at NOI, right now. (She got chosen to play first flute on Mahler 5, too!!!) We were talking on the phone the other night and she mentioned that there are LOTS of women there-- it's mostly women. However, it's a lot of waspy kids who apparently are very sheltered. A dinner conversation included a shocked silence when she said the word "dykey" in reference to herself and also one of the other musicians saying, "oh, yeah, feminism! I read something about feminism, once!"

I responded by saying, I wonder what they would think if you told them that you'd recently had a transexual lover!?

Anyway, it got me thinkin' about what might go down if I attend one of these places one day.

That's all,
Anthony Rapp

Save Georgia music programs!

I realize that this topic doesn't relate to gender, but it is a very important issue concerning Georgia music programs.

A bill has just passed through the Georgia state senate concerning curriculum in the elementary and middle schools that will drastically cut into, if not kill the band programs at those levels. At the core of the bill is mandating 30 minutes of Physical Education for every elementary student every day of the school year. This will wipe out the band, string and choral programs at the elementary level. The bill also includes 45 minutes of Physical Education every day for middle school students. This will reduce band to a twice a week class. The music programs will suffer severely because of this. Please go to www.petitiononline.com/gamusic and sign the petition, even if you don't live in Georgia. If you do live in Georgia, please write to or call your representatives. Even if you can't vote, you still have a voice. Please spread the word. Thank you.

Penguin Concert

Yesterday was a fun day for me...

The conservatory orchestra had a concert; Don Juan, Chopin Piano Concerto No. 1 (I played principal horn on that) and Prokofiev Romeo and Juliet scenes. Great Concert. And I did some last minute thrift store shopping and wore a tux. It was my first concert in a tux instead of all-black.


And no one batted an eyelash. San Francisco is so over it, man. You cannot rattle these people. (Though a lot of people did tell me I looked handsome. !!! )

Pictures to follow, whenever I get them emailed to me...
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shit, do ALL you queers play brass or woodwinds?

my name is Max, I identify as genderqueer. I've played violin since I was five, and have a queer string quartet in Portland, OR called the Accidental String Quartet. We have our first recital coming up January 28th, huzah!

i'm also a drag king, I co-founded Ubergay Cabaret and did tons of performing and touring with that. I have a BA in Gender Studies from Santa Clara University and wrote my thesis on drag kings, transgender theory and feminism.

uhhm, yeah, that's all for now. looking forward to this community and all the musical nerdiness that will ensue.

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Hi all. My name's Blake, as shown in my username, and I'm here because Leander (awesome guy by the way, sold me my horn for a damn good price) told me about the group... and I figure it's as good a place as any to meet fellow geeks and transfolk. I'm a horn performance major at UC Irvine (looking to double in biology to appease my parents' desire that I have a chance at getting a "real job" after college... whatever that is...) and, as luck would have it, a freshman. I started living as a man my senior year in highschool, and while I've had neither surgery nor have I started T yet, I am blessed with a naturally deep voice, so I pass without really any trouble.

Anyway, I don't really have anything to say here as I just wanted to introduce myself. But I'm a huge geek and I wanted to say hi. And bye, since I'm going to stop rambling now.

the introduction

very excited for this new community. i was a music performance major (trumpet) about seven years ago and have since switched to sociology. i'm very into "gender theory" (generically) and haven't had much time/a venue to get back into trumpet playing. i also had my first shot of 'T' yesterday and am obsessed about my voice changing. i joined the university choir this semester and hope having a regular practice routine will help condition my voice so i don't lose too much quality.

also, for the two folks who are attending Ohio State and Indiana University: I've applied to grad programs there. How is it being trans in those university communities?